Emboreet Primary School

Simanjiro Region, Tanzania

The Wings Of Kilimanjaro Primary School in rural Tanzania is the result of heartfelt fundraising since 2013. Located nearby to Tarangire National Park and not far from Mount Kilimanjaro, this small community is surrounded by beautiful Tanzanian landscape.

Although the school is small, there is no shortage of demand for education in the area. With between 600 and 700 students each year and only 1 teacher per year group, the classes are full of enthusiastic learners. Each day the teachers and parents volunteer cook the children lunch while the kids play outside.

This year we aim to support the Wings Of Kilimanjaro team to bring the total raised to over US$1 million for the area. This years fundraising is planned to be spent on solar power, a communications tower/aerial, a new classroom and a new teacher’s accommodation building. As a team we're committed to fundraising US$25,000 for our minimum charitable contribution. All the funds we raise go directly to the WOK fundraiser, while we are personally covering our own expedition costs.

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100% of funds go towards the school

Every cent of the money we raise through this Fly The Roof project goes directly to our partners on the ground in Tanzania, WorldServe. To deliver the foundational education and water source facilities they have, under 15% of their income goes towards overhead and administration costs.

If you’d like more information, you can view the WorldServe financial reports here (audit from 2017. 2018 audit will be available in October). Fly The Roof has no direct access to funds donated as they go directly to WorldServe through Everydayhero.

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Long Walk Home - story by Claudio Verbano

Maasai children in Tanzania are sacrificing alot for their education.

Pendo is 10 years old and lives in Emboreet region close to the famous Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. Her family belongs to the Maasai tribe and until today they live a very traditional life. She is the oldest daughter and has one brother and a younger sister. Her school, the Emboreet Simanjiro primary school is very far away from her home. Everyday she has to walk about 20 km by herself to reach school, therefore she has to get up with her mother Sela at 4am to arrive around 8am at school. During first lessons she is very sleepy and tired after the long walk. Normally the teachers are very strict, but because they know that Pendo is walking from very far they sometimes let her recover for some moments. Read more...