Ryan Wilkes

Kia Ora! I'm Ryan Wilkes, the fourth member and honorary Kiwi on the team. I moved from Canada to NZ in 2015 to pursue my PhD in bioengineering which im currently writing my thesis for. In the months leading up to moving to NZ I began to explore the outdoors, and my passion for adventure has exponentially grown while roaming the south island.

Ryan Wilkes

Before moving to New Zealand I had never touched a camera. Fast-forward to 2019, three years after starting to make little travel highlight reels with my GoPro, and im taking on my biggest and most challenging piece of work to date with this life-changing adventure. My main role on this team is documenting our story. I've been recording moments from our meetings and outings since November of last year to make sure that the documentary is authentic as possible. We are just four regular guys with a passion for the outdoors, personal development and making a difference in this world. This adventure is an opportunity for us to push our physical and mental limits while changing the lives of thousands of people that are less fortunate than us.

Ideas are just ideas - thoughts in our heads that we can choose to act on or let drift away. One year ago this was just an idea. A maybe. A "wouldn't this be awesome". Now its a "this is going to be freaking amazing!". I'm so proud of this crew of amazing guys for getting stuck into this and making it happen. I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else.

With that said, we need your support to make this mission a reality. If you're in a position to help, click donate at the top of the page.

Much love,