Chris Cain

Kia ora koutou! I’m Chris Cain and I’m a frothing part of this team sending it off the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in September. Like all of us in the team I’m pretty new to paragliding and have fallen head over heals totally in love with it. I love the way it changes the way you think, the infinite depth of learning, the way it’s equal parts adrenalin and active meditation, but most of all I love the deep connecting pull of it.

Chris Can

To be any good at flying, you have to create an intimate bond with every part of nature. You’ve got to be deeply curious and attentive to how our earth is changing and then respond to those changes. Even more than that paragliding connects us with each other. The flying community is tight. We look out for each other and build strong connections as we recognise the dangers of reaching for the clouds.

These connections, this bond to our global community and our planet is why I’m a part of this mental Fly The Roof adventure. We can make real change together by just recognising and supporting these connections. I hope you reach out and come along on this journey with us.

This adventure has me deeply inspired. So much so that I’ve dedicated just about all of this year to flying and preparing for the Kilimanjaro hike. I’m often asked how I survive while I’ve been flying almost every day. See that truck I’m on, the Land Rover my legend friend Ian lent me while I’m flying in Australia? I’m currently sleeping and living out the back of that. In NZ I live in my van so I can fly and volunteer and work when I want to. I live simply, discover new places around me and within me, meet interesting new people and I fly my beautiful new Ozone wing. It’s as easy as that.

I love a good laugh and a great yarn. Life’s way too short and we only get one so stuff it, let’s paraglide off the top of the world’s highest free standing mountain and change some lives while we do it. What else are you going to do with your time?