Harry Seagar

Well hello there, my name is Harry Seagar (Haz if you like) and I’m still stoked I get to say this - I’m the second member of this expedition team! For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved adventures and always wanted to fly. Like many of us do, I’d have dreams as a kid of miraculously taking off from the Earth and flying through fluffy white clouds. This then developed into a slightly obsessive passion and love for planes and aviation.

Harry Seagar

My romantic affair for mountains began when I left the safety of Auckland for the beautiful Wanaka in my last year of school - my first great adventure away from the nest! To this day I’m still in love with flying and mountains, I can’t believe we’ve found what really is the ultimate combination of both.

Like in my family where I’m the youngest of 4 boys, I’m also the baby of this team/family. I’m hopeful, however, that I’ve made enough decisions (wrong & right) in my years to have enough experience and wisdom to get the job done! This photograph was taken during one of my favourite mountain trips to date, trekking in Nepal. Flying high above Pokhara and up with the giant Himalayan peaks, love was definitely in the air 💛😍 & it still is!


Thanks for coming along, we’re hoping for smooth sails but we’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of ourselves and we’re gonna give it our best shot. I can’t think of a mission more worthy. 
Arohanui, Haz