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        Langley Projects Ltd langley weldingsupplies Artistry Furniture

        Welcome to Langley Projects Ltd

        Langley Projects Ltd (incorporating Artistry in Iron)

        Manufacturers of contemporary furniture and architectural metalwork / structural steelwork , providing the UK and more locally, Manchester City Centre with a variety of high quality products.

        Richard Langley – (former Managing Director of Artistry in Iron Ltd) .   Richard’s extensive knowledge and experience of operating within the construction/manufacturing industry is the driving force behind the company.

        Artistry Furniture - Special Offers


        Jan Westfield  - P.A. to Richard (formerly with Artistry in Iron) has extensive experience in this side of the business and will happily discuss any requirements you may have, no matter how large or small.

        Langley Projects continue to manufacture metal and glass furniture here in our Wythenshawe factory, thus allowing us to offer a range of furniture which is flexible with regard to size, colour and style and we continue with the branding of ‘Artistry’.   

        We supply to Interior Designers, the Show Home Market, Landlords, Student Accommodation, the Contract market and also to the general public. Our furniture is used extensively in these applications, with particular emphasis being given to the "finishing touch" creating that special look and feel for contemporary living.

        Our ranges cover Dining, Occasional, Bedroom and Outdoor in both contemporary and traditional styles. .  We have also recently included a range of Bistro furniture which is proving very popular with a wider range of clients.     Special commissions undertaken.


        Richard’s knowledge and expertise, coupled with a highly qualified, professional workforce has proven a successful combination. Langley Projects undertake both Commercial and Private contracts which range from gates (manual or automated) for private residential properties through to larger contracts which include structural steelwork, staircases, fire escapes, balustrades, balconies, stainless steel handrails, gates and railings which are undertaken for local independent builders and also large Contractors around the UK.

        Customer Service is Key.

        We are very focused on creating customer satisfaction and keep very close to our customer needs in order to deliver the very highest service levels on a consistent basis.

        © 2018 Langley Projects Ltd

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