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        Langley Projects Ltd langley weldingsupplies Artistry Furniture

        Fantastic Review of Show Home

        28 Jul 2009

        "The stylish Modena Dining Table and chairs, Paris TV and Lamp Tables and Pedestal Bar Table and Stools from Artistry were absolutely perfect for my recent project - a contemporary Show Home. 

        Product quality and customer service surpassed my expectations and crucially they delivered when they said they would - something which is absolutely critical for tight show home deadlines.    Atristry will be my first port of call in the future when sourcing stylish glass furniture for both Show Home and private residential projects".   (Photographs of this project can be seen on our News Page).

        Val Plummer Interior Designer "At No. 19" Spinnakers, Hurst Road, Milford on Sea, Lymington, Hampshire SO41  0PY.  Telephone: 01590 641804 Mobile: 0767 342542  email: val@atno19.co.uk



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