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        Langley Projects Ltd langley weldingsupplies Artistry Furniture

        Bespoke Furniture

        01 Aug 2010

        Bespoke Projects

        If you have a project and want that 'something special' but can't find it either due to style, size or finish.....why not contact us and discuss your design ideas.   Our experienced team offer a professional approach and will work with you to make your dreams a reality!

        Our older ranges.....

        Also, many of our long-standing clients will remember our older and successful ranges from the past.   These are still available by request and images of some of these older ranges will appear on the website over the next few weeks.  - please contact Jan Westfield or any member of our Sales Team to provide you with current prices and lead-times!   We look forward to hearing from you.     0161 482 8022.....  


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