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        Langley Projects Ltd langley weldingsupplies Artistry Furniture

        About Us

        Now based at our new unit in Wythenshaw, Artistry have for over ten years now been creating and supplying an eclectic mix of product to a broad base of customers with the focus on the interior design market.  Our furniture is used extensively in domestic, commercial and contract applications, with particular emphasis being given to the "finishing touch" creating that special look and feel for contemporary living.  In addition to a wide range of standard products, we also offer a bespoke service working closely with our clients, developing a full understanding in order to deliver the appropriate solution.   Emphasis is placed on getting the right product, within both budget and deadlines.

        Our stocks include a wide range of products including: -

        Dining Tables
        Lamp Tables
        Coffee Tables
        Console Tables
        Display Shelves
        Sofas and Armchairs
        Full Bed Frames with slats
        Dressing Tables

        If you can't find what you are looking for here, our experienced team can work with you to create your own design, or you can submit your ideas and we will provide you with CAD drawings for approval prior to manufacturing your furniture at our Cheadle premises, bringing your dreams into reality!

        We are proud to offer our bespoke service and invite you to read about recent projects we have undertaken on our testimonials page!

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